Run targeted promotions directly on your Facebook page. Turn your
    existing customers into advocates of your products and services.

    Generate more subscribers through voucher giveaways, group discounts and prize draws across a plethora of social networks.

  • CLIPSED is designed specifically to assist in growing a brand's identity
    with viral sharing.

    Track your campaign's progress easily with CLIPSED's advanced analytics programs.

    Complete customisation is offered to ensure your brand stands out.

    Boost end user engagement by integrating gamification features such as badges and addictive click to win games.

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Comprehensive and Mature Social Media Platform

Suite of tools you need to connect with consumers, harness rich data, and build your brand

CLIPSED social media platform supercharges social engagement, sharing of brand, products and service by leveraging customer's social media networks.

CLIPSED has been built on a CRM to help businesses understand their customers. Together with the series of incentives and GAMIFICATION components based on human psychology CLIPSED can promote sharing and track consumer choices.


Do you Own a Small Business?

We can help you generate more customers through social media in more interesting and engaging ways

  • Market your business within your locality by running quick and engaging social media campaigns
  • Build customer loyalty and retention through iOS passes and engaging promotions
  • Run simple social campaigns to incentivise your customers to bring their friends and family to your business.

Are you a Large Enterprise?

Build Customer Loyalty – Listen, Analyse, Engage and Connect with your customers

  • Engage your customers more effectively through integrated social media channels
  • Retain your customers by listening and analysing their needs and offering tailored products and services
  • Grow your customer base and loyalty by running engaging and targeted social media campaigns that turn your social media followers into product and service customers

Are you a Media Agency looking for creative ways to market on Social Media?

  • Quickly add social gamification and marketing tools to your creative marketing arsenal
  • Boost virality of your digital marketing campaigns - rapidly into multiple social networks
  • Run innovative social media campaigns to boost social acquisition and engagement for your clients

Connected Social Media Management Platform

Grow & Connect with Customers

Establish authentic relationships with your users through social media referral marketing. Connect with new customers by leveraging social networks of your customers.

Listen, Analyse, Engage & Retain

Understand your customer needs by analysing their profiles and behaviour. Tailor marketing campaigns that play on human psychology and their immediate needs.

Monetise Social Media

Convert social followers into product and service advocates and paying customers through electronic mobile passes that bring them into your physical stores.


CLIPSED is a comprehensive and mature social marketing platform

...and expanding globally

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    visitors over last 12 months

  • 865 875

    LIKES gathered via the platform use

  • 792 003

    contact details collected for clients

  • 146 050

    total users registered

  • 3 min 24”

    average time on the platform

  • 36%

    mobile phones accesses


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